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Built on 25 years of honest, efficient and competitive services, we work with a variety of businesses in the local communities.

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Our recycling expertise is built on 25 years of honest, efficient and competitive services to our clients. We serve businesses ranging from small, family-owned grocery stores to Fortune 500 companies. With our corporate headquarters located in Cassville, Missouri and 7 locations throughout the Midwest, we provide full-service recycling services across the region.

Manufacturing, Construction, Demolition and Special Waste | Marck Recycling

Manufacturing, Construction, Demolition and Special Waste

Offices, Retail, Restaurants, and Grocery Stores | Marck Recycling

Offices, Retail, Restaurants,
and Grocery Stores

Healthcare, Schools and Property Management | Marck Recycling

Healthcare, Schools and Property Management

Which Waste Disposal Service Best Fits Your Needs?


•  Reliable pick-up (up to 6 days a week)
•  Waste and recycling
•  Helpful service and maintenance


•  Convenient drop-off and removal
•  Commercial or residential
•  Industrial and Manufacturing
•  Small/Med/Large waste

Container SERVICES

2, 4, 6 and 8 yard Containers

Commercial Use Only


Marck Recycling will visit your job site and conduct a 360 Waste Audit to determine which waste disposal works best for you!

“Marck has never hesitated to go the extra mile whenever we had special, out of the ordinary needs.”

Industrial Manufacturer

“The Construction Roll off Service has always been delivered and serviced in a timely manner upon request.”

General contractor

“It is obvious that Marck Waste and Recycling has put together a good team. The service is excellent!”

Industrial Facility


Through Full Spectrum Recycling, we strive to provide the most comprehensive, efficient and affordable recycling services available. We manage your waste stream by reducing your waste costs, reducing your landfill contribution and paving the way to a cleaner, more environmentally responsible way of doing business.


Bale route

From local to national accounts, our bale route service provides competitive rates and flexible schedules to fit your needs. Simply compact and bale your recyclable materials and our route service will pick up and take care of the rest.


With our own fleet of roll-off trucks, semi tractors, front load trucks and specialty trailers, we provide timely transportation services to support your recycling program and your needs.

on-site collection

We offer scheduled maintenance programs to ensure that your equipment continues to operate efficiently and safely to reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace.

zero Landfill

It’s possible. We custom design a program to recycle and reuse as much of your solid waste stream as possible and address the rest by converting your “trash” into clean energy.

We provide single-source recycling for more than 80 different materials and grades. Our Full Spectrum Recycling programs employ our expertise from your first 360 Waste Audit to program implementation and maintenance.


Marck Industries is your one-stop-shop in North East and North West Arkansas for all your waste hauling and recycling needs:


Hazardous waste, liquid paints, pesticides, oils, antifreeze, appliances, medical waste, major electronics, televisions, computers, flammable liquids, and propane tanks.

Fuel Surcharge Calculations                                                                                                                                                    

Fuel surcharges are based on the Department of Energy Midwest Retail on highway diesel fuel prices. Prices may be viewed at the following website. https://www.eia.gov/ The following instructions outline how to calculate the current fuel surcharge rate.

1.     Obtain the Midwest average fuel price from the Department of Energy website by following the link above.
        a.     Determine the current fuel price average from the chart on the website for the first week of the month. Refer to Illustration below. 

2.     After determining the Midwest average On-Highway Diesel Price (Ie. The first week of February 2022 is 3.808 dollars per gallon) refer Collection Fuel Surcharge. See Link
        a.     The left column of numbers represents the DOE Average price per gallon.
        b.     The column just to the right indicates the correlating fuel surcharge for the month (Ie. The fuel surcharge for February 2022 is 15.25%.  

Pay By Phone
Contact the Accounts Receivable Department. 1-870-935-1491

Pay By Mail
For quick and accurate posting of your payment to your account, please mail your payment along with the remittance slip to the address on the bottom of your invoice. Please allow 5 – 7 business days for a mailed payment to post to your account.
Marck Recycling and Wastes Services LLC
6734 HWY 141 N Jonesboro, AR 72401

Online Bill Pay
You can make a one-time payment through the Marck website www.Marck.net . Click on the  Pay Bills Online Tab, then Pay Marck Waste – Jonesboro, AR  button to pay.

Automatic Payments
Call our office and speak to the Accounts Receivable Department to set up Auto-draft payments from either a credit card or checking account.

Paperless Billing
Email WasteBilling@Marck.net

Name on your account
Account Number
Email address that you want your invoices going to.

Accepted Payment
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover payments.

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