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MARCK Recycling is a single-source provider of a wide variety of recycling and waste equipment to manage and minimize your waste stream

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From the custom-designed Full Spectrum Recycling Program, your Recycling Consultant will help you get the logistics in place to start collecting and recycling.

PROGRAM Maintance

Our recycling programs grow with our customers. With monthly sustainability reporting, scheduled pick-ups and 24 hour response rates, MARCK maintains your Full Spectrum Recycling program with superior service. If at any time you’d like to request another 360 Waste Audit or revise your Full Spectrum Recycling Program, your Recycling Consultant is just a call away.

Your recycling equipment should fit your waste stream needs. To help you realize your sustainability goals, we buy, sell and repair equipment from dumpsters, balers, compactors, shredders, crushers, and conveyors.

WRES is a full service facility specializing in rebuilding solid waste and recycling equipment. We have 45,000 square feet of production area complete with press break, shear, torches, welders, plasma cutters, and sand blasters. We re-manufacture all models of equipment, and all work is done to the highest possible quality and safety standards.  All rebuilt equipment will have the latest manufacture upgrades and will meet all OSHA and ANSI standards. A WRES professional will walk you through the steps, from design to installation of your recycling system. Our technicians are highly specialized with over 30 years of experience in the industry – all under one roof.  

Call us today for a full list of inventory that we have available, as well as for any of your servicing needs.

Waste & Recycling Equipment | Marck Recycling
Waste & Recycling Equipment | Marck Recycling
Maintenance programs

We offer scheduled maintenance programs to ensure that your equipment continues to operate efficiently and safely to reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace.