Full Spectrum Recycling

More Than the Basics

#2 HDPE ColorWe collect more than just the basics of paper, cardboard and plastics. At MARCK, we recycle over 80 different materials and grades so that you can reduce, reuse and recycle your way to meet your sustainability goals. We specialize in manufacturing and industrial operations, commercial and residential single stream, community recycling centers, private sector recyclers and local trash haulers.
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Customized to Improve Your Profitability

When it comes to recycling, we are your business resource to help you decrease costs and increase efficiencies and profits. Through our 360 Waste Audit, our Recycling Consultants look at the full spectrum of your business to create a custom recycling program to fit your waste management needs and goals. From the audit, we determine what you can recycle, where it will go, how your waste stream can be reduced and much more. sustainability goalsOur 360 Waste Audit also analyzes your production and distribution processes and systems to suggest efficiency improvements with the end goal of cutting costs and increasing profits.


Reaching Your Goals with Reporting

Your sustainability goals are our sustainability goals. Whether you’re complying with regulations or corporate initiatives, we’ve got the track record to prove that we can help you reach your goals. Throughout your program implementation and maintenance, we track and report your progress, giving you a Monthly Sustainability Report and a Quarterly Green Grade based on your recycled materials.