5 Steps to Reaching Zero Landfill

So you want your company to be more sustainable, maybe you even have goals to reach Zero Landfill.

Whether you’re carrying out a legislative or corporate initiative or maybe just want to be a responsible and clean business, MARCK Recycling is here to help. As a single-source waste management provider that helps hundreds of companies reach their sustainability goals, MARCK Recycling reveals 5 Steps to help you minimize, or even eliminate your waste stream and make money while doing it.

1) Bring in the experts -A Recycling Consultant can perform a waste audit to identify efficient and sustainable ways to manage your waste stream. At MARCK, we have a 360 Waste Audit that even looks at your production and distribution processes to recommend waste reduction and efficiencies.

2) Get a custom recycling program – Every company, facility and plant is different, so your recycling program should be customized to your company, your processes, your waste stream, and your needs.

3) Find homes for your recyclables and reusable waste materials -Recyclable materials from your waste stream are collected, baled and sent to mills for recycling. Other materials in your waste stream could be reusable if you find the right home. That’s where your Recycling Consultant can help identify those materials that are resources for reuse, but that are just a bit harder to find.

4) Turn your trash into “clean energy” – Once you remove the recyclable and reusable materials from your waste stream, all that’s left is what most people would call trash. Instead of sending it to a regular landfill, take the extra sustainable step and send your trash to a clean energy facility that converts these materials into electricity, heat or steam.

5) Make money and save the planet – An effective recycling program is profitable because you make money back on the bulk materials you recycle and you minimize your disposal costs. As part of MARCK’s Full Spectrum Recycling programs, you streamline your waste materials to be recyclable, reusable and sustainable. It’s a win, win, win for your company, your processes and the environment.