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Berlin Supermarket Goes Zero Waste | Industrial Recycling Blog | Marck Recycling

Marck RecyclingMany supermarkets are beginning to move away from disposable grocery bags, but one German supermarket took it to the next level; they removed all disposable packaging.

Original Unverpackt (“Original Unpackaged” in English) opened recently in Berlin, and instead of disposable packaging, the store dispenses all of its products from refillable containers. It’s up to the shopper to bring their own containers and take the amount they need. As over 350 products offered, it’s a bold undertaking and big step toward the zero-waste model. Not only is the supermarket eliminating the problem of packaging waste, but this container-free model could have a sizeable impact on food waste as well, because now customers will only take what they need.

More and more companies are moving toward zero-waste status, and it’s no surprise, because there are numerous benefits to reducing the amount you put in a landfill. For one, it saves money; the more product you can reuse, the less you have to produce or buy. It’s also good for the environment, creating a lesser need for energy generation and reducing the amount of waste that enters the ecosystem. And it’s good for business; increasingly, customers favor doing business with companies that strive for sustainability and zero waste.

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November 17, 2014 | Zero Landfill