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Upcycling in the Office | Marck Recycling

Maybe you’ve read about upcycling in magazines, or seen ideas on this blog. Either way, the trend of DIY repurposing of common goods isn’t just for the home; it can work just as well at the office. If you’re looking to reuse some of your old office supplies, here are a few projects that are perfect for the workplace:Calendars1d

Reuse old calendars. Tear out the pages and use them for wrapping paper—sure to win you a prize for most unique gift presentation. Or cut out your favorite images and use them to make coasters.

Candle jar supply holders. Clean out the wax and repurpose those old candles. Put a used candle in the freezer to stiffen the wax, then scrape it out with a knife. Clean the leftover wax with vinegar and use the container for holding pens or other office supplies.

CD Spindle Terrariums. Still have any of those old CD holders? Turn them into plant growers. Cover up any bottom holes and poke a few in the top, then add your pot and seed to the inside and you’re set.

File Cabinet Storage. But, a different kind. If you turn an old file cabinet on its side, then remove the drawers and repaint, it can be used to store virtually anything.


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July 27, 2015 | Uncategorized