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Turn Your Business Green – Inside Out | Marck Recycling

Have you identified sustainability goals, but are struggling to make progress toward them? It’s easy to see the benefits of recycling, but make no mistakes: recycling takes work. Waste reduction takes more than the efforts of a few well-meaning individuals; it takes the support of the entire team, from employees to managers, and even customers. It takes a village. And because it involves forming new habits and rethinking processes, it can seem like a struggle at times. But the rewards outweigh the costs, and savings in money, time, and resources are worth the extra effort.

So how can you get your waste reduction program off the ground? A great place to start is getting your employees involved. Here are a few tips on making recycling a team effort:

Do an Energy Consumption Audit of your business. This is a good way to clearly show how much energy is being used, and where waste is coming from. Make sure your employees are aware of the average energy use in the building, and where reductions need to be made.

Conserve materials. You can set the tone as a manager by printing less (using paperless correspondence where possible) and by cutting down on packaging material (or using biodegradable materials).

Create incentives. Make a chart to track progress, and put it in a place that’s visible to all employees. Then create a contest and give out prizes for meeting certain goals.

Make it easy. The easier recycling is, the more likely someone will do it. Put recycling bins in strategic areas – copy machines, printers, soda machines – make employees aware of centralized recycling locations.

Marck Recycling can help you reach your sustainability goals, but we need your help to get there. Contact us to get started.

February 9, 2015 | Full Spectrum Recycling