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Top 10 Recycled Halloween Costumes | Marck Recycling

Halloween is a time for family fun and creativity! After carving your pumpkins and baking festive treats, throw together unique costumes recycling the items in your home. Recycling items into costumes is the perfect way to avoid unnecessary waste, save money and have a one of a kind look. Here are some of our favorite costumes:


  • WALL-E: All this adorable costume needs is some leftover cardboard, paint, and imagination. 5500111b67362-wall-e-costume-recycled-lg


  • Mac N Cheese: Are you a fan of Mac N Cheese? Make this creative costume with recycled cardboard tubes and a little creativity: xcoolest-macaroni-and-cheese-costume-21297027.jpg.pagespeed.ic.5Fb_i41Y1C


  • Space Traveller: You’ll be flying in no time with this simple jet pack costume made from recycled pop bottles: jetpack2


  • Corn On The Cob: A costume good enough to eat! Reuse egg cartons for the perfect kernel look. Phal_Cornonthecob_A_new


  • Static Cling: You’ll be able to use items around the house to make a convincing (and cute) cling costume. Untitled1


  • Scuba Diver: Make a splash while trick-or-treating! Recycled cans and pop bottles make the perfect tanks and weights for an undersea explorer. Phal_scubadiver_A_new


  • Crocodile Smile: Show off some chompers in this costume. Reuse cardboard and brown paper bags to make a scary swamp monster then recycle the materials when trick-or-treating is over. 260373951_73e7d44886


  • Pretty Batty: Got a broken umbrella? Make use of it by turning it into bat wings and ears for a unique Halloween look! Be careful when snipping the wires inside the umbrella and be sure to trim down sharp edges. 254655213_b7f727b5ac


  • Patchwork Owl: Fabric scraps make perfect owl feathers for this adorable costume, whether you choose to sew them on or use fabric glue. owl-costume-full-shot


  • Recycling Bin: Get really into the recycling spirit and dress up as a recycling bin. Reuse a cardboard box and some items in your recycling bin for a festive, and green costume. Don’t forget your reusable grocery bag for candy! recycle_costume


Have a safe and creative Halloween everyone!

October 26, 2015 | Uncategorized