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The Biggest Factor to Recycling Success | Marck Recycling


Did you know there is one key factor that makes the biggest impact to the success of your recycling program? It doesn’t matter if you are recycling at home as a family or creating a corporate sustainability program, the most important element is convenience.

In order for your recycling program to work, you must make it easy and turn the “chore” into a habit. It may be hard to believe but the United States didn’t have a true collective trash system until the early 1900’s. Due to terrible health and living conditions, the government was forced to create a collective trash system to clean up the urban cities.

But, the government had to make it so easy for American’s to dispose of trash, otherwise they would throw it out their windows into the street like they always had before. You can learn more about the interesting history of waste management here. Today, in 2015, a similar challenge is upon us in the form of recycling. We have to make it so easy to recycle, that it becomes second nature, just like taking out the trash!

So here are our tips:

Tip 1: Perform an audit on what you currently recycle. We offer an audit for free.

Tip 2: Develop a seamless plan for recycling. If you need to talk to an expert, call us!

Tip3: Work with a knowledgeable and flexible recycler, preferably a one-stop shop.

Tip 4: Make sure everyone involved knows the plan and is ready to take action.

It’s been our mission for years to work with communities and businesses to develop successful recycling programs. We are a company that understands the recycling industry at a high level but also have the service to match it. Contact us today for a free 360 waste audit and let’s make recycling convenient and easy for you!