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Spring Clean Your Business | Marck Recycling

You’re probably used to spring cleaning at home, but have you ever tried it at work? For many businesses, a good yearly cleaning is just what the doctor ordered – it can freshen up the workspace and pump new life into the organization. Here are a few tips on how to spring clean your business:

  • De-clutter your business plan. Identify office activities and business initiatives that no longer add real value to the organization, and get rid of them. You may find a product or service that has outlived its market demand, or an office tradition that just doesn’t make sense anymore. Get out the broom and sweep them out the door.
  • Update your mission statement. How long ago was the mission statement created? Does it still do a good job of communicating your company’s strategic goals, or could it be updated to better reflect an evolving company in an ever-changing marketplace?
  • Ditch the filing cabinets in favor of the cloud. Instead of investing in more filing cabinets and physical storage, free up office space by transitioning your documents to the cloud. This will make your business more efficient and save you money in the long run.
  • Do a deep clean of your email inbox. Have employees go through and get rid of spam and unwanted messages, then permanently delete the items in their trash storage. This will drastically free up digital storage and help employees better focus on the messages that do matter.
  • Update your website. In the world of web design, something created a few years ago may be out of date. Take stock of your online presence and determine where it could use an update, either in terms of form or function.

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March 9, 2015 | Environment, Uncategorized