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Save the Environment with Single Stream Recycling | Marck Recycling

For many businesses, recycling is complicated and takes too much time. Many recycling facilities (including our own facilities in Rogers, Arkansas and Brownsville, Texas) are utilizing a process called single stream recycling to help make it easier. At Marck Recycling, we know that recycling needs to be easy in order for your company to be successful.

Paper, plastics, metal, and cardboard seem easy enough to separate, but unfortunately it gets confusing when you start talking about other recyclable materials. Single stream recycling resolves the mess and allows your business to mix all recyclable materials and reach zero landfill status. Even entire cities, like Chicago, are turning to this improved method of waste management. Why? Because it works.

We may not have single stream recycling in all of our facilities, but we do have processes that make it easier for you. With our Full Spectrum Recycling Program and 360 Full Spectrum Waste Audit, our collection and processing systems determine even more materials you can recycle and then handle the mixture of commingled recyclables. Through recycling, you not only reduce your waste cost and protect the environment; your business can also make money off of certain recyclable materials.

With such convenient solutions and rewarding methods, there’s nothing stopping you from benefiting from how we make green simple. Our commitment is to help your company reduce waste and reach your sustainability goals. Contact Marck Recycling today to learn about single stream recycling for your business.

October 16, 2014 | Full Spectrum Recycling