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Don't Get Buried by Recycling - Lighten the Load with Marck | Marck Recycling

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Like a big nasty landfill, managing your company’s recycling program can be daunting… and maybe even stinky! Yet as a business, you’re committed to reducing your waste and reaching zero landfill. The best place to start is with Marck Recycling’s 360 Waste Audit, our viable business solution for managing your recycling program.

Here’s how it works.

Our consultants look at the full spectrum of your business to create a custom recycling program to fit your waste management needs and goals. From the audit, we determine what you can recycle, where it will go, and how your waste stream can be reduced and much more, all with the end goal of cutting costs and increasing profits.

By recycling, your company can reduce your waste output, downsizing your dumpster and saving on waste disposal costs. We’ll provide you with a recycling bin customized to your business’s recycling output. These efforts combined can cost you less than renting a large dumpster. Not only is recycling economically beneficial for your business, it is also environmentally friendly in various ways.

  • Your business will not have to pay a disposal fee and may even earn money.
  • Better relationships can be formed with other area businesses and recycling haulers by working cooperatively.
  • You can exchange materials and use recycling as a practical way of minimizing costs. For example, while resources are depleting, their use continues to increase. The initial manufacturing of these resources burns fossil fuels, polluting the air, which we pay for through taxes.

We’re here to make sure that you benefit from recycling and know that your business is doing everything it can to have a positive impact on the Earth. Become a full spectrum recycler and contact Marck today for your free audit.