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New Jersey Recycling Company Takes on K-Cups | Marck Recycling

Marck RecyclingThe company that launched the word’s first cigarette butt recycling program is taking on a new challenge to help solve the world’s sustainability problems. Trenton, New Jersey-based TerraCycle recently put in motion an ambitious and groundbreaking program to recycle K-Cups.

As you may know by now, K-Cups – technically referred to as “coffee pods” – are a recycling nightmare and pose numerous environmental problems. They’ve become enormously popular among coffee drinkers for their efficiency and ease of use, with industry-leader Keurig selling 9.8 billion portion packs last year, but their mix of #7 plastic and a foil wrapper makes them very difficult to recycle.

TerraCycle accepted the challenge, and through their unique Zero-Waste Box program, they have found a way to strip the coffee capsules into individual separated parts, where they can be properly processed; the foil is recycled, the grounds are composted, and the plastic is made into pellets and resold. Through about 18 months of the program, TerraCycle has already recycled 2.481 pounds of the cups.

While Keurig has stated an ultimate goal of making the cups fully recyclable by 2020, we tip our hats to TerraCycle for tackling this unique challenge in the interim.

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June 15, 2015 | Success Stories