Our Services

MARCK Recycling is a single-source provider of a wide variety of recycling and waste services to manage and minimize your waste stream:

  • Full Spectrum Recycling – We provide single-source recycling for more than 80 different materials and grades. Our Full Spectrum Recycling programs employ our expertise from your first 360 Waste Audit to program implementation and maintenance. Read More
    • 360 Waste Audit – Our Recycling Consultants walk through your facility and identify your recyclable waste. They will recommend a custom plan based on your waste materials and production to fit your sustainability goals.
    • Program Implementation – From the custom-designed Full Spectrum Recycling Program, your Recycling Consultant will help you get the logistics in place to start collecting and recycling.
    • Program Maintenance – Our recycling programs grow with our customers. With monthly sustainability reporting, scheduled pick-ups and 24 hour response rates, MARCK maintains your Full Spectrum Recycling program with superior service. If at any time you’d like to request another 360 Waste Audit or revise your Full Spectrum Recycling Program, your Recycling Consultant is just a call away.
  • Single Stream Recycling – Our locations in Brownsville and Rogers offer single stream recycling that allows businesses to place all recyclable materials in one bin, leaving the sorting to us.
  • Waste Management (Trash Hauling) – We manage your entire waste stream. After recyclables are removed from your waste stream, we haul the remaining trash to clean energy facilities and landfills.
  • Brokerage Services – We utilize our connections with domestic and international mills to broker recyclable commodities for large manufacturers, city recycling centers and other facilities.
  • Buy, Sell and Repair Equipment – Your recycling equipment should fit your waste stream needs. To help you realize your sustainability goals, we buy, sell and repair equipment from dumpsters to compactors and balers. Read More
    • Maintenance Programs – We offer scheduled maintenance programs to ensure that your equipment continues to operate efficiently and safely to reduce the chance of accidents in the workplace.
  • Industrial Services – To serve our local and national accounts, our single source recycling services provides a simple, end-to-end solution. Read More
    • Bale Route – From local to national accounts, our bale route service provides competitive rates and flexible schedules to fit your needs. Simply compact and bale your recyclable materials and our route service will pick up and take care of the rest.OCC
    • Logistics – With our own fleet of roll-off trucks, semi tractors, front load trucks, rear load trucks, shred trucks and specialty trailers, we provide timely transportation services to support your recycling program and your needs.
    • On-Site Collection – Vertical or horizontal balers, stationary or self-contained compactors, van trailers, open top containers, front or rear load containers, poly carts and Gaylord boxes among others help customize an on-site collection recycling program that fits your needs.
    • On-Site Shredding – For confidential document destruction, we offer on-site, off-site and pickup shredding services through Shred Ink. Call 417-RECYCLE (417-798-3859) for more information. images
    • Zero Landfill – It’s possible. We custom design a program to recycle and reuse as much of your solid waste stream as possible and address the rest by converting your “trash” into clean energy.