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5 Office Recycling Tips | Marck Recycling

We know sometimes it’s hard enough just to keep order in your office, much less worry about shrinking your environmental footprint. With all the different departments, agendas, and processes in one office, reducing waste can seem almost impossible. But when it comes to sustainability, even a small change goes a long way, so we’re here with a few easy tips to help you stay eco-friendly.

  • Reduce. It might seem obvious, but the best way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Try to work electronically whenever possible, and implement a policy that discourages printing emails or documents unless absolutely necessary. Also, monitor the incoming mail to make sure the office isn’t receiving too much junk.
  • Reuse. For things that DO need to be printed, reuse the paper and print on the back side. Provide coffee mugs and reusable plates and silverware for your employees rather than disposable products that get thrown away.
  • Recycle. Okay, you knew this one was coming. But you can make an enormous impact simply by setting out bins for plastic, metal, paper, and other recyclables.
  • Purchasing. When you look to buy new products, make sure you’re giving preference to recycled goods. Also, buy only what you need – never overstock your inventory, especially with perishable items like food.
  • Awareness. Spread the word! If your employees are aware of your efforts to reduce waste, they’ll be more likely to help out. Send out a company-wide email and bring it up in the next staff meeting. Make sure the office knows how important it is.

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