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Marck Recognizes CHS Field's Green Efforts | Marck Recycling



At Marck, we love recognizing the efforts of other organizations and groups who are helping the environment. The St. Paul Saints in Minnesota have built the “greenest ballpark in America.” The Saints recognized that the St. Paul community is very dedicated to going green and wanted to participate in that culture. Partnering with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and Minnesota Composting lead them to make huge environmentally aware choices.

CHS Field was built on a site of an old factory with 95 percent of the structure made from recycled materials. The stadium is also using captured rain water for field maintenance and solar panels to produce 12 percent of its energy. “Recycling umpires” are stationed around the stadium to ensure that all waste, recycling and compost is disposed of properly.

We believe that there is a lot to learn from the CHS Field project. Although the initial budget was higher than what it would have been to build a regular field, the Saints will save around $24,000 every year in operating costs. In the long term, the Saints will be saving money, as well as helping the environment. They even educated their community about recycling efforts by having multiple events at the field hosted by Chamber of Commerce and Minnesota Composting.

CHS Field is a good example of an organization making a big change to help the environment, but there are smaller changes that you can make at home, as well! Follow in their footsteps and become your own “recycling umpire,” keeping recyclables, waste and compost separate.

Learn how your business can be more sustainable, too.

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September 28, 2015 | Environment, Impact, Success Stories