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Send Less Waste to the Landfill | Industrial Recycling | Marck Recycling

Maybe you’re not recycling yet, and you’re ready to get started. Or maybe you do have a recycling program, but it’s not hitting its full potential. Either way, we can help you reach your goal and start sending less waste to the landfill. Here’s a quick breakdown of the importance of waste reduction and how you can get there.

Why Recycle?
Recycling has numerous environmental benefits, including saving energy and natural resources, and preventing harmful materials from reaching our land and water supply. But recycling can also save your business money. Recycling simply costs less money to process than waste removal fees. So not only are you saving the environment, but you’re putting money back in your pocket at the same time.

What Marck Can Do For You
We can help you set goals for recycling and waste reduction, and then build a custom program to reach those goals. At Marck, we know no 2 businesses are created equal, which is why we created the 360 Waste Audit. Our recycling consultants visit your facility and identify the recyclable waste. Then, they recommend a custom plan based on your waste materials and production to fit your sustainability goals. This ensures you’re getting maximum efficiency and fulfilling your company’s potential.

Get your 360 Waste Audit today. You can either sign up online or call 877.228.2565 to get started.

January 12, 2015 | Environment, Zero Landfill