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H&M Paying $1 Million for Recycling Ideas | Marck Recycling

Untitled design (30)H&M, the second-largest fashion retailer, launched a new effort to promote recycling! They are offering 1 million euro ($1.6mil) for new techniques to recycle clothes!

Recognizing a flaw in the contemporary “throwaway” mentality of fashion consumers, H&M Conscious Foundation launched a new Global Change Award for innovative ways to recycle clothes. While their current garment collection service already offers ways to reuse or re-purpose used clothes, H&M is turning to its audience for new ways to “close the loop” on the garment lifecycle. H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson emphasizes the prize is open to the public, “Ground-breaking, game-changing ideas can come from anywhere, so the challenge is open to anyone.”

Applications are currently undergoing review by expert fashion industry judges responsible for selecting 5 winners by February 1. Then, for the week of February 1–7, the final selections will open to public votes to decide how to distribute the prize money among the 5 winners. After a grand award ceremony in Stockholm on February 10, winners will spend the following year with an Innovation Accelerator that will assist each person in realizing their ideas.

Find the list of judges and sign up for updates so you can cast your vote at H&M.

December 14, 2015 | Environment, Success Stories