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Got A Used Car Seat? | Marck Recycling

Untitled design (23)At Marck we like to recognize all the amazing recycling efforts of companies around the country. AAA Northeast has worked toward safety on the roads with the Car Seat Roundup, collecting old and unusable car seats and recycling them, then giving away $5 for every seat received. Their efforts have resulted in the collection of 2,000 old, unwanted child passenger safety seats.


The event was created to bring greater awareness to National Child Passenger Safety Seat Month as well as helping the public become aware of the danger surrounding out of date or damaged safety seats. For 11 days, AAA Northeast collected more than 31,000 pounds of expired and dangerous seats.


By collecting these “Outlaw” seats and offering a reward, they made great strides toward safer kids and more knowledgeable parents. “A safe car seat is one of the most important steps parents and caregivers can take to keep children safe,” says Fran Mayko, AAA Northeast’s public affairs spokesperson. “Any donations we collected through this roundup will certainly go a long way toward helping those in our communities who might otherwise struggle with this crucial safety measure.”


While car seats may not be typical objects for recycling, at Marck we think that any efforts to recycle are steps in the right direction. By responsibly disposing of expired or damaged car seats, AAA Northeast is making great strides for safety as well as a greener planet. We applaud you AAA Northeast!

October 5, 2015 | Environment, Success Stories