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Fall Cleanup | Marck Recycling

iStock_000054988510_MediumThere’s no doubt about it—fall is a gorgeous time. When the leaves change, they turn our communities even more beautiful with their reds, yellows, and oranges.  But what about after the leaves fall? Once the trees are bare, it can be quite a mess to figure out what to do with all the leaves on the ground. Leaf disposal is time consuming, but important, so here are the best ways to attack autumn cleanup:


Mow Them

The easiest way to handle fallen leaves in a yard is to run the lawnmower over them. Use the bag attachment and grind them up, and disposal becomes much easier. Just make sure to do the first pass before all the leaves have fallen, otherwise the pile might be too big to handle.


Blow Them

A leaf blower is a great way to manage a big yard with a lot of trees. Blow them into piles, then bag them up.


Rake Them

If your yard is small, raking is more practical and less time consuming then blowing. Leave the blower for the big jobs, and spend an afternoon raking.


Vacuum Them

If you have a leaf vacuum, you can suck up all the leaves and yard waste and then bag them. This method is also great for large spaces.


Disposing the Leaves

Once they’re collected, you still have to do something with them. Why not recycle?


Here are a few options:

–          Make leaf mulch. Leaf mulch is free and at least as good as anything you can buy—and some say even better. Skip the wood chips and mulch your yard with your ground up leaves.

–          Compost. Add the leaves to a pile with grass, sticks, soil, and pine straw, and you’ll create a high quality compost pile that’s ideal for use in gardening or planting.

–          Community Recycling. If you don’t have a yard use, offer them to your neighbors. Chances are, one of them will be able to use some or all of your leaf waste.

September 14, 2015 | Uncategorized