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Crayola’s New Recycling Program | Marck Recycling


We love highlighting other companies around the world that take initiative with the environment! Crayola has introduced a new program that allows you to recycle dried markers. This initiative gives you just one way to avoid sending waste to the landfill, as well as reduces the resources needed to create new product!

ColorCycle, is a great way to teach the importance of recycling to children. Kids love coloring with markers but, unfortunately, the more they use them, the quicker they run out. Crayola has partnered with schools across North America and made recycling these markers, quick, easy and fun.

If you want to get involved with this initiative, reach out to schools in your area and make them aware of the program.

Set up collecting stations at the schools that want to be involved. Encourage both students and educators to donate their old markers into these locations. Maybe decorate the opening like the mouth of a dragon, to make it more fun!

After that, just count the number of markers donated, print out a shipping label from the Crayola website and ship them off to the recycling facility.

While many schools are already involved in this program there’s still a lot of education and awareness to be done. The program is so easy to follow and can be educational and fun for students, so spread the word!

November 4, 2015 | Environment, Success Stories