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Across America, waste has a way of getting out of hand. And in Missouri, we’re no different; in fact, we generate even more waste than some other states. According to the Missouri Recycling Association, Missourians generate 6.15 pounds of waste daily. That’s 37% more than the national average.

Here in Missouri, in each county, town, and community, it’s time to make change. Here are a few ideas to help reduce waste, in the home and at the office:

Residential Recycling in Missouri

  • Many household materials are recyclable, even some you might not have known, like ink cartridges and DVD cases. Curbside recycling is the easiest way to take care of all of this, which many recycling companies provide.
  • If you don’t have access to curbside recycling, check out Earth911 to find out the nearest place to recycle almost any material.

Industrial and Commercial Recycling

  • At Marck Recycling, we believe the services we provide make a difference. Take a look at the list of services we offer that can help you move toward zero landfill.
  • Our Full Spectrum Recycling is the most comprehensive and efficient way for your business to recycle. We go beyond the basics and recycle more than 80 different materials and grades, which can greatly reduce your costs and improve profitability. All this while making a greener planet.

For more information about what Marck can do for your company, call us today at 877-228-2565.

December 15, 2014 | Environment, Uncategorized