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Understanding the Grades

Ever wonder what that little number inside of the recycling symbol on your shampoo bottle means? Believe it or not, it does mean something; it’s the recycling grade of the material, and it matters. Below is an explanation of the grades for both plastic and paper. Plastic #1: PETE or… Read More

August 10, 2015 • Paper, Plastic

Recycling After the 4th

We love the 4th of July. The barbecues, the parades, the fireworks—it’s a great time to get together with family and friends and celebrate our country. However you decide to celebrate this year, keep in mind your celebration can be recycled. Here’s what you can do: Fireworks: Okay, because of their… Read More

July 6, 2015 • Environment, Metal, Paper, Plastic

Marck Recycling

What’s Wrong with K-Cups?

Single-serve coffee is all the rage right now. Coffee pods – popularized by Keurig and commonly known as K-Cups – are extremely popular among coffee-drinkers, as is evident from their sales more than tripling since 2011. Many companies have installed K-Cup machines in their breakrooms to capitalize on this trend… Read More

March 23, 2015 • Plastic, Zero Landfill