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Automakers Surpassing Greenhouse Gas Standards | Marck Recycling

If you pay attention to the auto industry, you might be familiar with the national greenhouse gas (GHG) emission standards. If not, here’s a quick summary: a recently passed law established standards for the cars and light trucks manufactured by U.S. automakers. Basically, all these vehicles need to have GHG emissions under a certain threshold to be compliant.

Well, the EPA has just released their second annual performance report, and the manufacturers aren’t just meeting the requirement – they’re surpassing it.

A Summary of the Findings

  • Overall, industry compliance for 2013 model-year vehicles was 12 grams per mile better than required by the 2013 standard. This is the second consecutive model year the industry has outperformed the standards by a wide margin.
  • Manufacturers representing more than 99% of U.S. auto sales met both the 2012 and 2013 standards.
  • Automakers are utilizing flexibilities worked into the standards, like improved air conditioning systems and the use of fleet averaging. These optional flexibilities spur technology innovation and increase consumer choice, while giving manufacturers different ways to meet the standards.

Why This is Important

  • It proves the U.S. auto industry is strong. Compliance with these standards requires innovation and creates jobs for American workers.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions are at a record low. And, according to the EPA’s report model year 2013 vehicles achieved an all-time record average of 24.1 miles per gallon. This isn’t just great news for your wallet; it’s great news for the planet.
  • The standards are projected to save 12 billion barrels of oil and cut 6 billion metric tons of greenhouse gasses over the lifetimes of vehicles sold from 2012 to 2025.

Read more about the findings in the EPA’s full report.

April 15, 2015 | Success Stories