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Another Company Reaches Zero Landfill | Industrial Recycling | Marck Recycling

When setting sustainability goals, it’s helpful to pay attention to what other companies are doing, to find inspiration and ideas in what they are doing to reduce waste. That’s why it’s great to see yet another company reaching zero landfill status. Furniture and soft seating manufacturer Comfort Research just did that, and in doing so achieved its 2014 sustainability goal.

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What is Zero Landfill?
In case you don’t know or just need a refresher, zero landfill is process management at its finest. Different organizations have different guidelines for what it actually means to achieve zero landfill, but overall it’s about the ultimate goal of avoiding the use of landfills by finding different ways to dispose of waste. Industrial wastes are recycled, treated, reused, or sold, rather than thrown away.

How Did They Do It?
Like most companies that achieve zero landfill, Comfort Research took a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach. First, they are committed to diligent recycling effort throughout their facility to assure all recyclable materials found their rightful home. They also implemented lunchroom and bathroom composting programs to naturally dispose of all compostable materials, and a waste reduction program in which materials were incinerated and converted into electricity.

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January 15, 2015 | Full Spectrum Recycling