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10 Tips to Reduce Holiday Waste | Marck Recycling

Untitled design (29)The holidays are a time of family fun and cheer, but all those parties and gatherings can add up to a lot of waste. There are many ways to cut down that waste and make the holidays even merrier!

  1. Host a recycled craft party to create decorations with your friends.
  2. Popular gifts, like soap, natural deodorant and skin products, are easy to make at home and give away to friends.
  3. Use scrap paper and leftover boxes as gift-wrap, such as outdated calendar pages, newspapers and cereal boxes. Your gifts are guaranteed to look unique.
  4. Disposable plates and silverware are convenient with so much hustle-and-bustle, but they are huge trash wasters. Make dinner parties classy with cloth napkins and washable dishes.
  5. After the dishes are done, find a good use for leftovers. Plan meals for the rest of the week based on what’s in the fridge, or coordinate a leftover pot-luck with neighbors to share another meal
  6. Excited about your sleek new single-serve coffee maker this holiday season but worried about the wasteful cups? Send your used K-cups to New Jersey-based TerraCycle who specializes in recycling these problematic packages.
  7. Learn your recycling numbers—understand the different grades of plastic with our handy reference tool and learn what can be recycled in your area.
  8. When the celebrations are over, Christmas trees can pile up and become a big burden to clean up. Work with your local city programs and share with friends and family to coordinate a pick-up to keep trees off the street.
  9. Walk, car pool or take public transit. With so many people traveling this time of year, saving just 20 minutes of driving can significantly reduce impacts on air pollution.

Get a 360 Waste Audit and work with Marck to learn how to achieve zero landfill throughout the year. With continued efforts, the impact of recycling can last for many holiday seasons yet to come.

December 7, 2015 | Environment